5 Tips For Aspiring SKI Mountaineers

Adventures are the activities that fill our soul with happiness. The rush of adrenaline that you experience during your favourite adventure sport is incomparable to every other feeling. There are multiple types of adventure sports that are known to fascinate a number of individuals today. One such adventure sport is that of ski mountaineering. A lot of individuals from every age group are today have a flair for the same. But, before any adventure sport or activity, there are a number of precautionary measures that people should ensure. Apart from the precautionary measures, there are various other tips that must be considered in order to master that particular activity. Some of the tips for aspiring SKI mountaineers are mentioned in the next section.

Avalanche avoidance

Avalanches are masses of snow that are usually present on high mountains. The first and the foremost step while learning ski mountaineering would be to avoid and learn to avoid avalanches. No matter what the season or the weather is, avalanches can turn up at anytime and hinder your ski mountaineering experience. Therefore, in order to master the art of ski mountaineering, you must first overpower the avalanches.

Build endurance

No matter what the adventure sport or activity might be, one thing that remains common almost everywhere is that of endurance. It is believed that adventure sports tend to teach us a number of life lessons as well. One of such life lesson that ski mountaineering teaches is that of building endurance. Considering the innumerable difficulties that arise during the time we learn ski mountaineering, it is extremely essential to build endurance before actually hitting on the adventure sport.

Choose the right gear

For completing almost all kinds of tasks on the earth, we have one or other kind of equipment or a kit of equipment. Likewise, for ski mountaineering too, there is a ski mountaineering gear which eases up your journey on the snow. But, it is really important to choose the right one when it comes to the gear. There are a number of loopholes and discrepancies when it comes to commercial sale of gear and equipment. Therefore, you must check and ensure that the gear that you are going to use for ski mountaineering is the perfect one.

Learn backcountry skiing

Backcountry skiing is the basic version of ski mountaineering. Therefore in order to learn the skills the best, it is must to learn and master backcountry skiing. Doing the same, adds exposure to the life of the individuals, it teaches the individuals to continue with skiing during all the exhaustive and unpredictable conditions. Once you have a decent experience in backcountry skiing, you can start with the ski mountaineering.

Indulge in a ski mountaineering class

Enrolling in a class that help you to develop all the skills that you need for ski mountaineering, is the best way to learn it. The class teaches you about all the dos and don’ts, pros and cons, and everything that you must know and wouldn’t have known on your own. Therefore, seeking professional help in the form of classes and benefit you the most

Almost every person has one or the other thrill that they wish to learn and master. Ski mountaineering is yet another such kind of adventure that almost every person wishes to learn. If you too are one of those, then this blog is extremely beneficial for you.


How To Prevent iOS Apps from Spying On You Through The Phone’s Camera?

The iOS apps resting on your expensive piece of tech could be secretively sniffing photos, and more, without your consent. The possibility of an iOS app taking your photos or recording videos is always there when it requests to access the device camera. For instance, apps that offer in-app camera—like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Tinder—have the tendency to record stuff. However, we would never comment that such aforementioned apps would ever go aboard with taking stuff without your consent. But if they do, we won’t need an app to spy on Apple devices anymore. However, this goes for the sneakier apps having a jolty reputation. And yes, there could be many such apps on your iPhone/iPad, unknowingly.

Security researcher Felix Krause confirms the claim that a flaw in the iOS privacy settings could mean a potential privacy violation. Putting it simply, iOS apps could easily collect more data than required without user’s knowledge.

How does this Work?

There are many apps that request camera access and we tend to acquiesce to it when we have to share a photo with our friend or change our profile picture. Surprisingly, we don’t even feel anything anomalous about it. Krause pointed out that apps which are capable of taking photos using device’s camera are capable of recording your activity even after you are done using the camera. And combined with iOS 11’s facial recognition technology, many apps can even read your expressions to study your behavior.

But remember that Krause only referred to the possibility of an abuse if such apps indulge in nefarious activities. He suggests for changes in the app permission functions and also introducing an LED indicator in iOS 11 for the camera just like Apple has it on their laptops for the camera status.

The Solution

It’s pretty simple. Never use the in-app camera. If you have to upload a photo or share one with your friend, you could do by first using the phone’s camera—outside an app—and then uploading it from the Camera Roll. You will be giving the app access to the photo library but not the camera. This way, it won’t turn into an app to spy on Apple devices. Of course, this is a trade-off. Your photos could sometimes more information than what an app could take using the camera. Like, photos that are geotagged could mean you are also sharing your location data. Make sure that you only keep the necessary stuff in the photo library and prevent geotagging photos. You can also disable geotagging in your smartphone if you want to.

Changing a few settings could make the difference

There’s no need to put a tape on your smartphone, ROFL! A much friendlier solution is to change the settings on your iOS device. Simply write ‘Privacy’ in the Settings’ search bar and select Camera from the proceeding screen. There, you can toggle off the permissions to the apps according to your preference! And remember, apps to spy on Apple devices are also getting into the game; make sure to have an antivirus setup on your phone all the time.


Real or Fake: How To Test Your Diamond Bespoke Jewellery At Home

Diamond bespokejewellery is expensive, and ending up with a fake one is indeed expensive. If you are in doubt if the stone you have is real or fake, there are tests you can do at home to tell you more or less.

Ultimately, you will have to go to a jeweller or a gemologist to be sure.  There are gems out there that are manufactured to simulate diamond like moissanite and cubic zirconia. It’s difficult to tell the real thing from these gems, so a trip to the gemologist is the only way. But these at-home tests should help you determine which are likely fake and which are real.

The Breath Test

Hold the diamond close to your mouth and breathe into it as you would to fog up a mirror. A real diamond will disperse heat quickly and should instantly go back to its clear shine.Do this test on a cubic zirconia, and it will continually to be foggy.The breath test will not work on a moissanite though, so be aware.

The Loupe Test

If you happen to have a jeweller’s loupe on hand, you can do this test to determine if you have a real diamond, a fake, or just a low-grade one. Most real diamonds possess some form of imperfection or flaw in them called inclusions.

If you inspect them under magnification, you might find a white spot that resembles a feather or a small portion of carbon inside. Moissanite, cubic zirconia or other forms of synthetic diamonds don’t have these since they are manufactured to be flawless.But don’t be quick to judge because you might just have in your hands a rare internallyunblemished diamond.

The Scratch Test

This test works best if you have a loose stone. Take your diamond and try to scratch a piece of glass with it. Being ranked hardest on the Mohs scale, a real diamond should leave a visible scratch on the glass.

If it doesn’t leave a mark on the glass, then most likely you have a fake. Be careful with this test though because it is still possible to chip a diamond.It’s also good to note that there are some synthetic forms of diamonds also scratch glass so you are still not in the clear.

The Newspaper Test

This test works well on gems that are on the larger end. Take your stone and place it over a piece of finely printed newspaper. If you have a real diamond, you shouldn’t be able to read the print underneath. Real diamonds refract light in a way that they won’t allow you to see through them.  If you have, say, a cubic zirconium in your hands, you should see the print underneath clearly.

The Water Test

Due to its density, a real diamond should sink to the bottom when dropped in a glass of water.  A diamond simulant on the other hand will tend to float.

Final Thoughts

These at-home tests should help you figure out if your diamond custom engagement rings is indeed a real one-of-a-kind jewellery or simply a fake one. However, to be completely sure, always consult with a certified gemologist or jeweller.


For more than ten years, Daniel Greenberg has been hand crafting DG Bespoke Jewellery and is known as a trained master diamond mounter and goldsmith. As he was taught by one of the best jewellers in London (his father), Daniel makes certain that all his unique pieces are pure perfection.


How To Choose The Right Divorce Mediator

Divorce mediation is the best option for those people, who don’t want to go through the court proceedings. It can actually help you save some time and money. A divorce mediator would ensure that the divorce takes place without an argument and assist in getting to a settlement without going to the court. But, picking the right divorce mediator involves a lot of factors and research that one needs to keep in mind.

Here is a list you can refer to while, selecting a divorce mediator:


A good divorce mediator would always ensure that you and your spouse is well versed with the laws and the rights. This will help you in taking the right decisions for yourself. He would educate you on how the laws are supposed to be applied in your situation. Then you’d be able to predict the results of hiring a divorce attorney.


Choose a divorce mediator who offers a flat fee for all their services. A comparison of various divorce mediator fees will help you in making a decision easily. Some might charge you hourly according to the service.


Divorce mediation can involve a lot of emotions. It is very important to know if the divorce mediator is trustworthy or not? It is very important that you are comfortable with the mediator. He should not take sides rather, he should give time to both the spouses equally. Meet them personally before hiring, to confirm if you can trust him or not?

Practise Area

Check if the divorce mediator’s practise area is dedicated towards divorce or not? It requires skill and knowledge to be able to help the spouses without causing any inconvenience. Someone practising in different areas might not be able to help you like an experienced one would.

References And Background Check

Trying talking to former clients of the mediator. Asking them about their experience would help you while deciding to pick the right one. You can also refer to a friend who might have gone through a similar situation. Try doing a thorough research and grab as much information as possible.

Problem Solving Skills

An experienced divorce mediator would be able to easily get you to the conclusion of any problem that you bring to him. This is something you’ll have to keep an eye on. Start noticing it since the day you meet him for the consultation.

Free Consultation

This is one of the most important factors to be kept in mind while, hiring the right divorce mediator. Free consultations is a way to get familiar with the mediator. You will be able to figure out a lot of things in just one meeting and then you can decide which mediator fulfill yours and your spouse’s requirements.

All of the above given factors are important for deciding which divorce mediator would be the best one for you and your spouse. It might get a little bit hectic but, in the end it’ll all fall right into place.

Home Improvement

5 Innovative Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel

Planning a kitchen remodel can be really fun. Picking out the items that go into your new kitchen can take some time as there are many options to choose from. If you’re looking for some innovative changes, here are five that you can employ to make your new kitchen extremely functional for your use.

Double Ovens

If you’ve ever tried to prepare a meal for a dinner party, you know how valuable oven space is. When remodeling your kitchen, consider installing a double oven. This will give you extra oven space so that you can cook all portions of your meal effectively. No longer will you have to worry about rotating items on the oven racks and properly planning out what order the food goes in.

Warming Drawers

There’s nothing worse than going through all the hard work of cooking a quality meal to find out that your spouse is running late. Instead of letting all that hard work fall to pieces, install warming drawers with your new kitchen remodel. These warming drawers will allow you to keep food at a warm temperature after it’s done cooking. This way, no matter what time your family members get home, they can enjoy an oven-fresh, hot meal.

Lighted Countertops

Adding ambient lighting is a great way to add architectural interest and visual stimulation to any space. Illuminated countertops are one of the newest crazes when it comes to kitchen remodels. these provide both a functional and aesthetic purpose. First, when your countertops are lit, it can provide you with much-needed lighting for tasks like prepping your favorite foods. Second, the lighting of your countertops can provide a unique aesthetic appeal that will make your kitchen more inviting for guests. If you plan on having a bar in your kitchen, this is the perfect option to give it that extra something. They seriously look like something from the future.

Touch on Kitchen Sink

The days of having dirty hot and cold sink handles are over. You should include a new touch on kitchen sink for your next remodel. This will allow you to easily bump the faucet with your hand and turn the water on. This will prevent messes from dirtying up the area around your sink.

Pot Filler

One really cool innovation that you should consider installing during your kitchen remodel is the pot filler. This is installed over your range so you can easily turn the faucet on and fill up your pots. This eliminates the need for caring pots full of water to the stove.

Picking what to put in your new kitchen can be a fun time. Hopefully, the above five ideas make their way into your new kitchen design. Remember to aim to stay in your budget and select items that you’ll actually use in everyday life


Beer Store: Why People Believe Beer Is Good For Your Health

Luckily for beer sweethearts and beer store all over, the fundamental equation for beer has continued as before for quite a long time: beer is the aged, alcoholic result of the cautious blend of water, malt, jumps, and yeast. That is it. Approve, so bounces weren’t generally incorporated in with the general mish-mash, however, we’ll get to that later. Obviously, this being the cutting-edge beer industry, there’s likewise a possibility somebody got somewhat motivated and blended apricots into it, or perhaps the beer was “bounced” for an additional drawn-out stretch of time—bringing about an all the more decisively sharp flavor. Be that as it may, the essential spine of your beer, from Coors to create, remains delectably the same.

What’s more, that is on the grounds that you don’t disturb the straightforwardness of a decent formula. Looking somewhat more nearly, we discover that beer, as raised bread, is the result of starch-based yeast maturation. Grains, frequently super-boring grain, are permitted to incompletely grow and are then joined with water, making a sort of oat squash into which brewers release a little, single-celled armed force of Saccharomyces cerevisiae or brewer’s yeast. Presently, yeast cherish sugar pretty much as much as a child in a sweet store, with the exception of when yeast eat sugar, rather than having a fit of rage and sticky fingers, they make supernatural results: ethanol and CO2, which can appear in different levels in some of our top choice, and minimum top choice, beers. Hops, the cone-formed bloom of a tall climbing plant identified with Cannabis, are included the preparing procedure both as a method for illumination and adjustment, and to grant their mark flavors—which run from severe and astringent to flower, fruity, and citrusy.

Once more, varieties (of the grains or jumps or even the yeast strains utilized) flourish, and simply like wine, beer can here and there expect a portion of the surrounding terroir of its condition (indigenous yeast strains, water content, nearby organic product or bounce flavors, and so on.). Be that as it may, wherever water, malt, yeast, and bounces meet up such that maturation happens, the outcome—which you may appreciate out of a jug or can or

1. A diminished occurrence of coronary illness

One investigation, directed by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) noticed a 20 to 40 percent diminish in coronary course ailment in direct liquor consumers. Presently, that doesn’t mean drinking more is better.

Drinking beer mindfully is drinking solid. Direct utilization of beer (liquor) brings about an expansion in HDL (great cholesterol) and a lessening in LDL (awful cholesterol), alongside a change in both HDL and LDL molecule measure.

Thus, don’t stress over the medicinal terms; simply realize that a somewhat “hummed” heart is an upbeat heart.

2. Bounces have vitamins

A Dutch report demonstrated a 30 percent expansion in vitamin B6 in beer consumers, which bodes well since jumps are stacked with the vitamin. This is essential since vitamin B6 fights coronary illness.

Liquor is likewise a cancer prevention agent, which may contribute to a limited extent to the decline in coronary illness.

So in case you’re searching for a lift in vitamin B6 or simply need to a solid measurement of cancer prevention agents, get an icy one (or two) and cheers to your wellbeing.

3. Reductions in kidney stones

The Journal uncovered a secret that a 40 percent diminish in kidney stones among beer consumers. This is a probability to the hydration from the beer since we don’t take note of a comparative finding with other liquor utilization.


So on the off chance that you need to stay away from the outrageous agony related with kidney stones, get a few mixes and drink to without stone days ahead.

4. Unique advantages for female consumers

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says beer keeps a decline in bone thickness.

Beer is likewise high in flavonoids — from the bounces — which goes about as a characteristic hormone substitution.

The National Osteoporosis Risk Assessment took after more than 200,000 females and found that drinking liquor diminished the rate of osteoporosis (7). The greater part of this prompts a diminishing in hip breaks in elderly females, which is vital on the grounds that hip cracks after the age of 65 are related with a noteworthy increment in mortality.

In this way, ladies, in case you’re worried about your bone wellbeing, don’t simply concentrate on calcium; add some beer to your eating routine for another approach to secure your bone thickness.

*The medical advantages of drinking beer and liquor from liquor store, when all is said in done, depend on direct utilization, which implies two beers for every day for a normal size man and one beer daily for normal size ladies. Huge numbers of the advantages portrayed above are lost when liquor is devoured unreasonably, and drinking liquor exorbitantly can have a genuine negative impact on your wellbeing.


How IRCTC SBI Platinum Credit Card Beneficial For You?

The state bank of India offers you various products with lots of attractive features and benefits. IRCTC SBI platinum credit card is one of them which gives you ultimate travel benefits.

With this product, you can have cash back, Reward points, fuel surcharge waiver, exciting offers, and much more. IRCTC SBI platinum credit card make your travel amazing.

The IRCTC SBI platinum credit card provides you below advantages.

  • On spending Rs 500 or more within 45 days of product issuance, you can get 350 activation bonus Reward points
  • For booking railway tickets in AC1, AC2, AC CC categories at and get up to 10% value pack as Reward points
  • 1.8% transaction charges waiver on tickets booked on
  • For every Rs 125 spent on purchases other than fuel, get 1 Reward point
  • At all petrol pumps for transactions worth between Rs 500 to Rs 3,000 and get 1% fuel surcharge waiver
  • Annual fee have to pay Rs 500 for one-time
  • Renewal fee Rs 300 per annum
  • Add-on charge is Nil for per annum
  • Cash payment fee Rs 100
  • You have to pay finance charges up to 3.35% per month

How Can You Get Instant Approval?

To get instant approval, then you have to submit proper KYC and check online age credit card eligibility before apply. If we talk about age factor, you should be 21 to 58 years with a spotless history. For KYC identity proof, address proof, and income proof have to submit with recent passport size photograph. For identity, you have to share photo ID proof. For address, you need to share Aadhaar, passport, and voter ID. For income proof, you have to provide salary slip and a copy of income tax return. Your income clears the bank’s doubts which would be payback credibility.

After your submission they can cross-checking all the shared documents, then you have a chance to apply through an online and offline. For an online, you have to visit the website of the bank, select your section, fill details as per application form requirement, upload documents, share registered email ID and mobile number. They can ask for registered ID because for further information contact through this.

For an offline procedure, you have to visit the nearest bank branch, fill the physical application form along with self-attested documents. For both procedures, you have to focus on KYC part to get immediate approval.

How Can You Get More Advantages?

You can explore more with this product, have an option to pay bills as per your choice. If you can select offline method, for that, you have to visit the branch and deposit your bills by cash and cheque. After your submission, they can provide you one slip which can use as a proof.

For an online payment method, first of all, register yourself. For registration, you have to visit the website, enter 16 digit number, name, address, upload KYC, registered email ID and mobile number. After verification, they can send User ID and password.

Now you are ready to use online services net banking, mobile banking application, autopay, RTGS, and NEFT. You can login through own ID and make payment on-time.

The Bank Statement

When you are using the product, then it’s possible sometimes your expenses more than limit. For that kind of issues, you can control it through bank statement. You can check every month, after completed billing cycle the bank can send you on registered email ID. Through this, you can check monthly transactions, expenses, swipe report and more activity done by you.

Customer Care Service

If you have any doubt related to your product usage, want to share feedback, complaints, then without any hesitation call on toll-free number 1860 180 1290 and take all queries answer within a second. The executives are always ready to solve your doubts by 24*7 service.


Kayak Fishing Tips

Kayak fishing is a pleasant and peaceful sport you can get into for a low investment. Having no motor gives fishermen the potential of catching more fish and charting smaller areas, but having less storage space and having to paddle present new challenges. If you are just getting into the world of kayak fishing, use these kayak fishing tips to catch more fish while staying safe, as provided by William Schoellkopf

Purchase A Bright Colored Kayak:

A bright colored kayak is the best choice for safety as it is more visible. Darker colors, especially blues, can be hard to spot and can lead to accidents. When purchasing a kayak, look for green, yellow, and orange.

Practice Kayaking Before Fishing:

So, you just bought a kayak and had it rigged for kayak fishing. You purchased all the accessories, and are more excited than ever to go out and fish. Well, if you don’t have kayaking experience, you need to get the hang of balancing and paddling first. Take your kayak out a couple times just to get the basics down before attempting to bring your fishing gear along.

Get A Good Paddle:

You may want to buy a cheap paddle to save some money, but down the road, you will probably regret it. More expensive paddles are lighter and stronger. You don’t want to be a mile from shore and have your paddle break, and you don’t want to take frequent breaks just to rest your arms.

Paddle Quietly:

This one might seem obvious, but often goes overlooked by beginners. When paddling, paddle smoothly and quietly to prevent splashing. The quieter you can be, the less fish you will scare away.

Bring A Waterproof VHF Radio:

In the event of an emergency, you will need proper equipment to contact emergency assistance. A waterproof VHF radio will do just that. Make sure you know how to use it (what frequencies to use) before hitting the water.

Avoid High-Traffic Areas:

Avoid high-traffic areas where you will be competing with other fisherman for fish. One benefit of kayak fishing is the ability to fish in shallower areas where power boats can’t go. So, look for areas where other people are not fishing and this will give you an obvious advantage.


Living in Halls: How Students Survive

When you move to university, it may be the first time you’ve ever lived away from home. This means a huge boost in your independence, a chance to explore who you really are, and redefine yourself without being held back by your own history: no one here knows your childhood nickname, or the old embarrassing stories that mean your childhood has a hold over your life as an adult.

It also means there is no one to do your laundry, to make sure you get out of bed in time for work, to wash up after you or ask if your homework is done. Even if you pride yourself on your independence when living at home with your parents, you still have the backdrop of parents or siblings that you simply don’t have when you’re away.

It also means being thrown into close proximity with a lot of strangers, all of whom might have different standards for cleanliness, for comfortable noise levels, and what sort of behaviour is acceptable when stumbling back home late at night. This is one of the great universals of the student experience whether you’re living in some of the student accommodation Bolton offers, or a private house in Oxford.

Managing Independent Living

If you’ve never lived away from home before, moving into halls of residence can feel like a license to go a little crazy – and this is partly what university is for. As well as studying, it’s an opportunity for you to explore the limits of your own behaviour and work out where you’re comfortable, but there are a few shortcuts to take towards some idea of balance.

With record numbers of students suffering from depression and anxiety, it’s important to practice ‘self-care’ religiously: to calm down, destress and make sure your living environment is one you can flourish in rather than a home for bacteria. Setting a cleaning schedule for yourself is a good way to make sure all the mundane tasks get done, and if you’re concerned about making sure you eat healthily, try forming a group with some flatmates and taking it in turns to cook for each other. It’ll kickstart some student friendships and spread the cost of healthy living.

Getting on With People

You’re going to run into all sorts of different people, living in halls of residence and you may not like all of them. It’s best to adopt a policy of live and let live, unless they’re actually dangerous or disrupting your life. People noisily celebrating the end of their exams while you have revision to do is something that’s definitely worth addressing, but diplomacy is the key.

Make sure you know who the relevant authorities you can appeal to are, from Hall Wardens, to management, to your university itself, but first have a quiet chat with the perpetrators, explain your situation and ask for a reasonable adjustment. If that doesn’t have the desired effect, you can escalate with a clear conscience.


Best Restaurants For A Fine Dine Experience

Situated on the bank of Powai Lake, it is an upscale residential neighborhood in the north-east of . Famous for the street food, this city has also the best restaurants to offer great food for your soul. So, whenever you feel hungry, try out these best restaurants for a great delight.

Signee Global Grill: They strongly believe in pampering their customer by providing them with the unique experience of having a live barbeque on the table. Right from starters to desserts, everything is just amazing as you have lots of option to choose. So, never miss any chance to try out this place to satisfy your taste buds.

Breeze Restaurant: It is the ever-best restaurant to spend some quality time with your friends, family members, and loved ones. In fact, it is among one of those cool places in Powai where you can have a romantic candlelight dinner with the beautiful girl of your life. Prices are on the higher side but the best thing about this place is its ambiance which is worth dying for. Having dinner in an open restaurant like Breeze gives a unique fine dining experience.

Cafe Mangii Powai: If you want to try the authentic taste of Italian food in Powai, then this is the perfect place for you. It is situated near Powai lake which is known as the mini marine drive for suburbs. No wonder it was featured under romantic places. The menu has a nice spread of Veg and Non-veg options along with the fresh juices & coffee. It is the services which can make or even break the reputation of any restaurant. But the Cafe Mangii offer the remarkable fast services which compel its customers to visit again and again. The staffs are very polite and friendly.

Mirchi & Mime: Mirchi & Mime is an experience in itself. This restaurant has deaf and mute staffs who serve the imaginative takes on classic Indian cuisine with a big smile on the face. You can get an exposure to the Indian sign language and their menus are very beautifully presented with the instructions which make it easy to interact with them. They portray the unique values and strength of working. It has an extremely positive & inspirational ambiance.

Laxmi Next Pure Veg Restaurant: Opposite to the IIT main gate, this pure vegetarian restaurant is always full of the student. This is the ultimate restaurant to hang out with your squad. From north Indian to Chinese food, they cook everything with love to serve you hot at a very reasonable price. The quality of food is pretty decent and it has also the perfect balance of spices and other ingredients.

Additionally, you have also a great option to choose the best restaurants to fill your empty stomach. Let’s have a look at it.

Burma Burma Restaurant & Tea Room: It is a traditional Burmese cuisine presented in a modern-rustic setting with unique decor and a tea bar.

ITC Maratha, Dum Pukht Restaurants In: It is a classic slow-cooked dish dating from around 200 years ago in a luxurious hotel dining room