Everything You Need To Know About Insulated Grocery Bags

Food can be kept at room temperature only for two hours to prevent bacteria from growing. If it is hot temperature then you should keep the food outside just for one hour. Otherwise germs grow in your food and it makes you sick.

Instead of packing meals in old fashioned brown lunch boxes, insulated lunch bags can keep the food cold or warm for a longer period and it prevents the food from going stale. Your food remains fresh because of the insulation in these bags.

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Nowadays everyone is becoming environmentally cautious and shifting to ecofriendly products. Instead of throwing brown These insulated bags are ecofriendly and yet stylish for anyone to carry their food or other items. These bags also keep the contents safe and secure.

If you use a disposable lunch bag on a daily basis, you will be throwing them everyday in trash. This contributes up to eight ounces of garbage everyday and it can be up to ninety pounds of garbage per year. By switching to reusable and ecofriendly insulated lunch bags you can save landfill space, conserve energy and resources and save the environment.

How Insulated Bags Work?

Usually, insulated bags come with multi layers of insulation. An outer layer, that is usually made of tough materials like vinyl, nylon or polyester and this prevents the exterior of these bags from heating up. The inner layer is a water-resistant lining and also heat reflective. This layer is made up of plastic, vinyl or aluminum and helps keep the food fresh and dry.

The most important and the one that differentiates the insulated lunch bags from other usual lunch bags is the middle layer. This layer is made of dense foam and this is the layer that helps to keep the food cold or warm. Also, the middle layer prevents inside temperature from leaking outside and outside temperature from reaching bag’s content.

These benefits offer you enjoy home-made meals on the go and it is beneficial for kids too for taking their homemade lunch to school. There is no of ordering food outside and risking your health.

Why Use Insulated Lunch Bag?

It is said that perishable food items like, cheese, meats, milk, yogurt etc., are to be kept at temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This is not possible when you use normal lunch bags. You should have the option of refrigerating your lunch box once you arrive at school or work to keep your food at that recommended temperature.

For how long these insulated lunch bags can keep your food warm or cold depends on various factors like, type of bag, temperature outside and whether you use heated or frozen gel packs.

These bags are available in wide range of colors, styles, designs and sizes. They come with Velcro or zipper closure to keep contents safe. Choose your insulated bag to attract your audience.