Which Are the Top Types of Glasses that You Should Consider for Your Chandelier?

When you are planning to buy a chandelier for your home, you should look at all aspects be it the size, design or price. There are various types of chandeliers available in the market, hence, a buyer can get confused as to which one to buy. This guide will talk about various types of glasses of a chandelier that you should consider before making a purchase.

Overview of Crystal Glass

Originally, chandeliers were candle holders, which were used in the ancient times to illuminate the house. There are various types of crystal glasses that are used in making chandeliers. People who were using chandeliers in ancient times and its important to know their story of how they used to select a chandelier out of all, for their usage. Following section will brief about chandelier.

Various Types of Chandelier Glasses

  • Casting Crystal Glass

This glass was invented in the 17th century. It was an easy to produce glass which was relatively cheaper when compared to other ones. Moreover, this glass gained more popularity as compared to real rock crystal glass since it was easier to craft, mine and process it.

After its invention there were various chandelier models, which were being produced using this glass. It was one of the most popular and affordable glass, which was being used in most of the chandeliers.

  • Swarovski Crystal

One of the most popular crystals in the world i.e. Swarovski Elements is made by Swarovski AG. It is available in wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. It offers a great palette to lightening designers. Moreover, it is highly popular among designers in jewelry, fashion and home accessories.

For the perfect optic clarity, this glass is usually cut using machine and then is polished accordingly. The proper cut of this glass provides it with brilliant design and unique purity. After this, an invisible coating is also applied to the glass, which makes it easier to maintain and clean. Hence, if you are looking for a chandelier which requires low maintenance, then you should go with chandelier made from Swarovski Crystal.

  • Spectra Crystal

This glass is cheaper as compared to other variants of Swarovski crystal. However, an important to note here is that when it comes to shapes and sizes, it has lesser varieties as compared to other glasses. Hence, if you are looking for an affordable chandelier, a masterpiece crafted with this glass can be your choice.

  • Egyptian Crystal

This glass is machine cut and is of high quality. It has clarity and flawlessness beyond industry standards. Although this glass doesn’t stand beyond Swarovski or Strass crystal glass, however, its own unique features and qualities which make it a good choice.

In case, you are looking for visual purity and sharp faceting glass, then Egyptian crystal should be your choice.


Hope this guide will help you to understand different variants of chandelier glass available in the market and which one you should choose.