Dry and Damaged Lips – Causes, Effects and Cure

Lips are specialized parts of our body. They guard the opening of our mouth. It has a specific function and hence a very modified structure too. Functions of the lips include helping in closing mouth, help in producing some kind of sound etc. Lips are prone to heat, dust and cold in our atmosphere and often get damaged by the same.

So, it is important that we take good care of it and nurture properly so that we can prevent any damage to our lips. So, today we are here to help you with that. If you are already suffering from damaged lips then this article has a solution for that too.

Ever heard of the HEMP benefits for your skin and lips?

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The cause of dry damaged lips

The broken or chapped lips are caused by several reasons and it can happen to anyone irrespective of their age, gender etc. Some of the main causes of this problem are listed below –

  • Lack of right nutrients like vitamin B in your food may lead to chapped lips.
  • Dehydration in your body is one more reason why your lips become dry and damaged.
  • Due to the extreme chill weather and cold outside, your lips can get cracked and damaged.
  • Sometimes, when you eat something that might have some allergens or an irritant, then it leads to damaged lips
  • Licking your lips often hoping to provide some moisture to it may also cause soreness or inflammation of your lips.
  • Sometimes the top layer of your lips is damaged and it peels off. This condition is called exfoliating inflammation on your lips and this results in damaged lips because it prevents the natural healing process of the skin.

Lip balms are one of the easy and quick ways to fight dry damaged lips. Even better if you use hemp lip balms. They are also safe to use and has amazing results. They prevent further damage of the lips because they keep the lips from losing moisture. Do try it for yourself and let us know. We would love to hear from you.