How To Sell Music Online Successfully (Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer)

Music is one of the effective ways to make money. But to make a decent amount of earnings, you need to have a large fan base and engage with them frequently. Online music distribution platform offers a good opportunity for budding music artists to get exposure to a vast population of music fans worldwide. By uploading music to popular music stores, a music artist can improve its business sales.

Let us learn effective ways to sell music online.

Build A Fan Base

To establish a prominent music artist, it is required to build a loyal base of music fans. Creating quality music will get you far. It is also important to be well-informed about marketing, interaction, branding, and more. The building fan base is the first step.

Next, you should focus on boosting engagement with fans, promoting the brand, and tracking your marketing efforts. If you are looking for a platform to sell music online and earn money, then choose Music Digi. This is among the leading places to upload music on popular music stores and streaming services.

Get Found On Music Discovery Sites

Music industry influencers and fans search music discovery sites regularly. These websites help music artists capture new fans and build their fan base. A majority of them also assist in getting found by music bloggers, record labels, Spotify playlists, and more.

Online music aggregators serve as a recognized and trusted distributor that aids artists to sell your music on Amazon and other major music streaming services and stores.

Put Your Music On Spotify Playlists

Spotify is seen to be a massive music streaming platform. It serves as an excellent place to expand the fan base, find new music artists, and advertise your music. Featuring your music on this Spotify playlist helps a music artist to introduce the music to the world. Digital music distribution platforms provide easy steps to put your song on Spotify and earn money from the sales.

Steps to showcase your music on Spotify playlists:

  • Make a “Spotify for Artists” account
  • Upload your unpublished music to their Editorial team to decide whether or not to feature it in playlist consideration
  • Upload your music to independent curators
  • Send message or email to playlist curators and request them to add the music
  • Get the music with popular playlists contracted by a record label
  • Form themed playlists that feature music from other music artists. Regularly update the playlists
  • Follow the artists you like and share their playlists so that your fans will find your interest
  • Share your music on blogs, music-related websites, and social media, to expand the exposure
  • Promote the music on Spotify. Encourage your followers / fans to listen your music on this platform.
  • Release top quality music that has the potential to please listeners.
  • Stay proactive, and expand your follower base to enhance your streams

Use Music Digi to upload music to iTunes, distribute and sell it throughout the world.

Upload Your Playlist On Music Blogs

The most important thing to accomplish for music artists is to get their music across a vast section of people. It will increase the possibilities of getting the music heard. Featuring music on blogs is an effective method for the promotion of music and reaching new audiences.

A music blog can help a music artist in numerous ways:

  • Increase exposure,
  • Open new opportunities, and
  • Establish credibility

Run Giveaways/ Competitions

Running a giveaway/ competition is a tool to offer incentives to the existing music fan base. It is a method to give something to your fans in return for referrals. Below are some of the ways to motivate their fans to spread the word about your music to their friends:

  • Offer them to download a free song in return for an email.
  • Execute a ‘Like and Share’ competition on FB. Here, you can offer your fans an opportunity to download your album for free to those who distribute your music to 10 people.
  • Offer a merchandise discount, tickets, or free song to new email subscribers.


A music artist needs to make consistent efforts in maintaining and expanding its fan base. Find creative ways to reach out to fans and provide them what they need to listen. The above tips will help you build a large fan base and become a successful music artist.